Welcome to Medusa Training

To make positive changes, by training quality hairdressers for the hairdressing industry.

Welcome To Medusa Training

Scotland's newest and boldest hairdressing training group aims to be something a bit different - a life changing and inspiring experience for those who study there, and the launchpad to success for Scotland's next generation of top hairdressers. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the industry by training quality hairdressers, to make a difference to individuals by giving them skills they'll never lose, provide an understanding of what brings creative and commercial success, and to make each and every one of our trainees an ambassador for the industry who is a credit to both their salon and their profession.

What we stand for

We train for the future - we expect optimum result. This is done through motivating and inspiring learners. We champion the hairdressing industry as a fashion leader, and we feed creativity and encourage personal investment leading to an inspiring career. We mentor and support learners to become successful hairdressers, and stay successful throughout their professional career with ongoing inspiration.

About Medusa Training

Medusa Training is the vision of two of Scotland's best-known hairdressers – Colin McAndrew of the Medusa Hairdressing group in Edinburgh, and Ross Miller of Falkirk-based Renella. Launched in 2015, Medusa Training offers a positive and rewarding training environment that challenges learners to achieve their best and expects the best from them. 

Throughout, we provide high-quality education and in-depth knowledge and theory, with discussions on what the learner has gained, from their own perspective and from that of their employers, colleagues and clients. We also have an active programme of events and sessions with external educators, featuring some of the best-known names and giving our students the chance to learn more about all aspects of the business, from client satisfaction and commerciality to creativity and understanding the latest trends. All in all, we help learners understand the challenges they will face as hairdressers, and prepare them to meet and conquer those challenges, whatever they may be.

Meet the Team

The Medusa 18 plus team involved in the training is based on experience and qualifications from ...

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Qualifications & Courses

At Medusa Training, we believe we are better than the rest. And we want you to be better too...

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Training Academy

Level 1- is a hairdressing and barbering qualification that is designed to see if you can work with others...

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Training Courses

At Medusa Training, we believe in producing hairdressers. What we mean by that is not only do we want them...

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