Medusa Training - Training Academy

School and Pre Apprenticeship programmes

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Delivering high quality and high standards in education

To create inspirational and enjoyable learning

Learning should be challenging. We will support the learner by establishing the preferred learning style of each student. We will ensure the learner has a full and complete understanding of a service-driven hairdresser and the commercial contribution they make to salon success and client satisfaction. The learner will grasp how they are entering a career in a fashion-driven industry and the importance of being aware of emerging trends and opportunities. Excellent teaching is remembered by learners and professionals and provides inspiration throughout their lives. Our mission is to equip our learners with the knowledge and know- how to enable them to have a long and successful career in the hairdressing industry.

The team

By working and achieving together we will have a shared sense of purpose. The team will work together to achieve their goals and celebrate successes.

Mutual respect

Valuing and respecting learners and staff by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behavior at all times.

Opportunities for all

Medusa Training is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages the ethos of lifelong learning for everyone.

Our Vision - Why we exist

To make positive changes, by training quality hairdressers for the hairdressing industry.

To make a difference to the individual by giving them skills for life, ensuring the hairdresser has a complete understanding of the creativity and commerciality of the hairdressing industry.
To embed in the individual that they are an hairdressing ambassadors and the importance of being creative, inspiring and investing in themselves, to the benefit of their clients and salon. To establish an ethos for individual to invest in himself or herself and to commit to a lifelong skills development plan.

We intend to get it right for employers ensure the hairdressers has a long standing and successful career and therefore contributing to the commerciality of a salon.

Introduction to the qualification

Level 1- is a hairdressing and barbering qualification that is designed to see if you can work with others and follow instructions, this level is basic but can give the learner a fantastic insight into what life as a hairdresser is like. The learners attend Medusa every week over approx 7 months and also gain work experience in the salon at the same time. The students will be with our main staff and see how they function on a day to day basis helping in the salon as well as in the academy. The learners that are interested and complete their level 1 VTCT certificate in the hair and barbering industry will be given the opportunity to move onto the next level which is Level 2 Basic a far greater amount of hair involved in this qualification.

Level 1 course consists of the following -

  1. Shampooing and Conditioning    
  2. Contribute to the development of effective work        
  3. Prepare for hair services and maintain work areas      
  4. Blow dry hair
  5. Assist with hair colour services  
  6. Plaiting

Level 2 basic- the learners that are interested in the hair and barbering industry, this would be the next level for them to take as it is a bit more advanced, at this level you will be given the opportunity to apply certain colours, do basic cuts with this level you may be able to carry some units over to the SVQ level 2. Continuation onto employment after this Level 2 Basic course through partner salons that Medusa have built up and cutting down time spent on full Level 2 VQ because a lot covered in Level 2 Basic.

Level 2 Basic consists of-

For each level there will be on-line assessments/exams that they will do in the training academy, the learners will be given a date for each assessment/exam so they have ample time to study for them.

Both levels are designed to help you either gain apprenticeship or go to college as they are work related programmes. Both Level’s involve work experience in the Medusa salon where the students gain a wealth of experience and confidence working with stylists and clients.

Learner entry requirements

The programme is open to all abilities, you should display an interest in fashion, up to date hairstyles’ and good personal presentation and hygiene. The learner needs to be able to focus and have motivation and be able to interact with others. They will also be expected to bring in models for all their assessments to help them complete the programme, Medusa will do their best to help get models in for the learners by advertising on Facebook, and using the other models we have for the apprentices.

Introductory session

There will be an inductor session at Medusa where we would do interviews for the programme, we will focus on attitude, presentation and being able to work with others and have the commitment to learn and follow instructions. There will be a section for the learners’ to show basic practical skills to show their creative side. This will be on a date that is organised to suit you, the students and the academy.

Health and safety

Here at Medusa we have in place a risk assessment for the learners and is available to the schools and parents if requested, we have two first aiders on site who are Danii Thomson and Alison Kidd, Alison is also our health and safety officer who goes through all the health and safety procedure on the learners first day of starting with us. Our equipment is PAT TESTED once a year to make sure that they are safe to use, we check the learner’s hands to make sure there is no sign of contact dermatitis or any other skin sensitivities.

Behaviour and attitude

The behaviour and attitude that Medusa will expect is that all learners respect each other and their trainers, there is no shouting a cross the salon and the use of in appropriate language in the training school, they should also be enthusiastic, motivated and keen to learn about the programme and the industry, we are keen to work with the schools in making this programme like a working environment as we are prospective employers.

Care of premises and tools and equipment

When at Medusa it will be expected that all learners will keep the salon/training room clean and tidy, there is no food or drink allowed in this area. Tools and equipment will be provided by Medusa and should be treated with care, these will not be allowed to be removed from the training academy these will all be PAT TESTED.

Course enhancements

We would like to further enhance the programme by having GHD, Wella and The Collective to come in and do demonstrations these will entail doing curls, waves and colour demonstrations and our very own The Collective Team these are very skilled hairdressers from all over that come in and do demonstrations on hair-ups, barbering and creative cuts and colours.

End of programme presentation

We think that an end of programme presentation would be good for the learners to show off what they have learned over the past 23- 26 weeks to all their friends, family and teachers. They will do a mood board/ collage of their ideas and then re-create on their models.

Intranet and U2LEARN

We have our own intranet set up where each learner and teacher will be given their own login this site has the U2LEARN on it where you are able to access training and support materials on both level 1 and level 2 Basic, either at school or at home, they will also be able leave messages for their trainer on here, the teachers will receive individual reports on each learner through this.

Cost what it includes
  1. Registration to level 1 and level 2 basic
  2. Lifetime registration as standard one off to VTCT
  3. All portfolio supplied either paper version or E-portfolio
  4. Certificate or excellence delivered and monitored for max of 2 learners
  5. Access to our online Intranet and U2LEARN for both staff and learners
  6. All theory packs supplied for the relevant programme these will include paper work visual aids and homework which must be completed
  7. All reviews and assessment plans and a working week plan will be made and available so you can see their progress and meet about any student with a review sheet that shows there strengths and weakness.
  8. Work experience included in the 46 sessions within our Academy and Medusa salon working alongside employed learners and the main hairdressing and beauty staff.
  9. Work experience would be best done in our salon to get a full week’s work experience for the learners.
  10. The use of all the facility that our Academy has to offer including salon, lights, water, products, tools, equipment, tools, gowns etc.
  11. IQA Verification will be carried out regularly and reports made for you to keep track with
  12. Access to training events that our salon or Academy put on that are applicable to the level 1 and level 2 basic learners
  13. Extra training sessions access if applicable to level 1 and level 2 basic learners’

Notification on any up and coming hair events or shows and access to tickets and any discount we can get if they would like to attend

There are supplementary VQ’s we can bolt on if needed at extra cost of £30 per learner per bolt on, we can look at them if you want to increase experience over and above the level 1 and level 2 basic.

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