Medusa Training - About Us

Medusa Training is the vision of two of Scotland's best-known hairdressers – Colin McAndrew of the Medusa Hairdressing group in Edinburgh, and Ross Miller of Falkirk-based Renella. Launched in 2015, Medusa Training offers a positive and rewarding training environment that challenges learners to achieve their best and expects the best from them.

Throughout, we provide high-quality education and in-depth knowledge and theory, with discussions on what the learner has gained, from their own perspective and from that of their employers, colleagues and clients. We also have an active programme of events and sessions with external educators, featuring some of the best-known names and giving our students the chance to learn more about all aspects of the business, from client satisfaction and commerciality to creativity and understanding the latest trends. All in all, we help learners understand the challenges they will face as hairdressers, and prepare them to meet and conquer those challenges, whatever they may be.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Delivering high quality and high standards in education.

To Create Inspirational And Enjoyable Learning

Learning should be challenging. We will support the learner by establishing the preferred learning style of each student. We will ensure the learner has a full and complete understanding of a service-driven hairdresser and the commercial contribution they make to salon success and client satisfaction. The learner will grasp how they are entering a career in a fashion-driven industry and the importance of being aware of emerging trends and opportunities. Excellent teaching is remembered by learners and professionals and provides inspiration throughout their lives. Our mission is to equip our learners with the knowledge and know-how to enable them to have a long and successful career in the hairdressing industry.

The Team

By working and achieving together we will have a shared sense of purpose. The team will work together to achieve their goals and celebrate successes.

Mutual Respect

Valuing and respecting learners and staff by promoting equality, diversity and tolerance through positive communication and by challenging discrimination and antisocial behaviour at all times.

Opportunities for all

Medusa Training is accessible to people of all abilities and encourages the ethos of lifelong learning for everyone.

Our Vision - Why we exist

To make positive changes, by training quality hairdressers for the hairdressing industry.

To make a difference to the individual by giving them skills for life, ensuring the hairdresser has a complete understanding of the creativity and commerciality of the hairdressing industry.

To embed in the individual that they are a hairdressing ambassadors and the importance of being creative, inspiring and investing in themselves, to the benefit of their clients and salon. To establish an ethos for individual to invest in themselves and to commit to a lifelong skills development plan.

We intend to get it right for employers to ensure each hairdresser has a long standing and successful career and therefore contributing to the commerciality of a salon.